Cannabis Beverage Company Pot~O~Coffee Prepares to Expand Beyond California

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Hemp CoffeeOptimized Products Group LLC (OPG), one of the largest and fastest growing cannabis infused beverage companies, was pleased to be interviewed by Brandon David from Investing in Cannabis.
Mark Englestead, founder of Pot~O~Coffee, which offers infused cannabis & hemp CBD beverage blends spoke to David about the companies range of products, including coffee, tea and cocoa, with THC dosing of 10mg, 50mg and 100mg. The product is sold in Keurig-compatible cups as well as pods. Pot~O~Coffee also offers a line of products with CBD from industrial hemp, supplied by CV Sciences (OTC: CANV).
Englestead, spoke of there beverages not having a cannabis flavor or after taste, which was confirmed by David. The company’s extracts, which are tested by SC Labs, test out at 84-87% THC. He explains the technical process, which is CO2-based, leaving few terpenes behind. The oil, from LoudPack Extracts, is triple distilled and decarboxylate, with the companies own patent pending emulsifier added, creating, ultimately, a powder, which is mixed into the single servings.

Protecting the product through patents will likely prove challenging, but the company has invested heavily in its brand. Pot~O~Coffee will be introducing decaffeinated products shortly. Its current sales are 60% coffee, 30% tea and 10% cocoa. The company is moving into Colorado with a partner, Evolab, this month and expects to sign a partner licensee agreement for Washington and Oregon in May. Additionally, it expects to move into Nevada within the next 4-6 weeks with there licensee partner Vegas Valley Growers.

About Optimized Products, LLC.
Optimized Products Group LLC (OPG), is a fast growing innovative cannabis and CBD infused beverage company that offers a wide range of fine specialty coffees, teas, and cocoa. Creator of the Pot-O-Coffee brand, OPG licenses intellectual properties for the production of cannabis infused products targeting the expanding medical and recreational retail markets. As part of a comprehensive strategy to stimulate a rapid expansion into the growing market place for medical and recreational cannabis THC products, the company has license agreements for production in multiple states and has plans to add more in the 2nd and 3rd quarters of 2016. Optimized Products Group also expects to add additional products to its Pot-O-Coffee product line by the end of Q1 2016.

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