A Different Kind Of Investment

DY: So whats the name of your promotion company?

Mr.Classic: Poison Crush Cannabis, but we arent just a promotion company.

We produce educational videos, post Marijuana related news, do product reviews as well as promotion. I’m just a fan who decided to make what I love into my lifes work.

DY: So can you tell us more about what it is you do exactly on the promotion end ?

Mr.Classic: Well I wanted to do a how to video on growing your own one day but it isnt cheap if you want to do it right. I didnt have the funds to invest in a video I wouldnt be making money from so I decided to figure out who could make money from the video. I hit up some seed banks, light producers soil companies ect. and I got two responses my first day. Peakseedsbc.com, whom I have dealt with prior to this decided to get on board on the condition that I gave a review of their product. Later that day I also got a response from illumitex.com who also was on board to contribute to my video project.  That was when I realized there are a ton of companies out there I could probably do reviews for.

DY: I don’t really understand though, how do you benefit from this ‘work’?

Mr.Classic: Well with those two first affiliations my benefit was trying a new product I had never got to use before and they were both AWESOME. Since then Ive been in contact with several other companies that all want me to test and review their products. A lot of these companies have great stuff that I would be buying anyway but now Im trying it out for free. Also I get a lot of free stuff to try out and when a company sends me more than one of something I either give it away on my facebook page or youtube channel. That keeps my followers active and waiting for more. Its good for me and the companies I work with.

DY: I can definitely see the appeal of that. People like to see results before they invest.

Mr.Classic: Exactly, and thats why we try to deal with only the most high end companies, that way we can show the stuff you really need to see results of before you spend your money on.

DY: So what is your next project?

Mr.Classic: Well we are doing a comparison test of Illumitex LEDs versus their competitors LEDs, same grow conditions, same soil, same seeds, just different lighting. Weve also got a strain review of some Sweet Skunk X Cinderella 99 from Peakseedsbc in the works, after those videos are complete we have a different light company we will be reviewing. you’ll just have to subscribe to our youtube channel to see.

DY: Fair enough, Will do, and I wish Poison Crush Cannabis all the success in the world, thank you for your time.

If youd like to subscribe to ‘Poison Crush TV’ on youtube the channels URL is Cannabis Product Reviews

Contact Mr.Classic about reviewing your product email him at melechalexander@gmail.com

~ Dexter Y. Cannabis Reporter


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